A group lobbying for restrictions on ATV use in Yukon, says the territory is becoming a mecca for southerners looking for a rule-free, off-roading experience.

For years, the Trails Only Yukon Association has been pushing to regulate ATV use in the territory. It says Yukon is the only unregulated jurisdiction in Canada.

The territorial government has passed legislation, but there's no sign of actual regulations.

Pete Harms Yukon

Pete Harms is an ATV user himself, but is still concerned about the growing number of off-roaders who come to the territory because ATV use isn't regulated. (Dave Croft)

"It's a slam dunk for a government to do this," said Phil Merchant, a member of the Trails Only Yukon Association. "There's not many issues you get with that many people onside."

Pete Harms is an ATV user himself, but says there should still be limits. He's concerned about increasing numbers of riders coming to Yukon because it has no rules.

He recalls seeing a visitor with a hydraulic lift on his truck for the ATVs it was carrying.

"I said, 'Quite the rig,' and he said, 'Yeah, love it here, everything's wide open, we've heard.'" 

The association is urging Yukoners to tell the government how they feel about ATV use.