A group of people in Yellowknife is laying the groundwork for a Northwest Territories Liberal Party.

They plan to run Liberal candidates in the 2015 territorial election.


MLAs in the N.W.T.'s Legislative Assembly do not belong to political parties; they are all independent. They govern in a consensus-style, which has its roots in aboriginal traditions. (CBC)

Jeffery Corradetti, one of the organizers, said the public doesn't have much say in how the territory is run under a consensus-style of government. He said the system is too bureaucratic.

"All the policies and everything are done behind closed doors. We elect everything behind closed doors, a lot of these conventions are done behind closed doors. We have very, very little public input," he said.

Corradetti said the low voter turnout in the last election shows people feel disconnected from consensus government. Fewer than half of voters cast ballots in 2011.

He said with the territorial government taking control of land and resources, it's time to make the switch to party politics.