Grise Fiord, Nunavut, had its only fire so far this year on Monday when a furnace ignited in the community's fire hall.

"It burned mostly in that corner where the furnace was located," said Jeffrey Qaunaq, Grise Fiord's fire chief.

Grise Fiord fire hall fire

Jimmy Qaapik posted this photo on Facebook of the fire at Grise Fiord's fire hall Monday afternoon. A furnace ignited in the building, causing the community's only structural fire so far this year. (Jimmy Qaapik/Facebook)

"It didn't really spread anywhere else. The fire was stationary in that area, and the roof got a little bit of smouldering on it."

There were no injuries reported.

There was minimal equipment damage and the community's only fire truck was not damaged. However, the building is no longer in use and it's still unknown if and when the fire hall will be reopened.

The fire also cut off the station's telephone line. In case of an emergency, residents of the community of 150 people can reach fire department members at home, or through the hamlet office.

Grise Fiord, located on the southern coast of Ellesmere Island, is Canada's northernmost civilian settllement.