Grieving mom asks parents to 'hug their kids a little bit tighter'

Jocelyn Christensen, the mother of two-year-old Sana'a Michael Christensen-Blondin who was killed by a truck in Yellowknife Saturday, says the support from her family and the community has been overwhelming.

Jocelyn Christensen's 2-year-old son Sana'a was killed by a truck Saturday

No charges for truck driver who struck Yellowknife boy 2:09

Jocelyn Christensen, the mother of two-year-old Sana'a Michael Christensen-Blondin who was killed by a truck in Yellowknife Saturday, says the support from her family and the community has been overwhelming.

"Right now I just focus on honouring him, spreading his face and his story so that everybody can maybe just hug their kids a little bit tighter," she said.

Sana'a Michael Christensen-Blondin was with his father outside a local welding business owned by family friends Saturday as they were stopping in for a visit.

An employee came by to pick up some tools for a job. He was driving one of the company's trucks, a Ford F150, with a portable welder attached. The driver parked the truck but when he pulled out to leave he ran over the boy.

The boy's father saw it happen and he rushed to his son's side trying to resuscitate him but he died in his arms.

The RCMP were called and the boy was driven to hospital. Sana'a was pronounced dead at Stanton Territorial Hospital less than an hour after he was hit. 

Jocelyn Christensen was with their older daughter at an appointment when the accident happened.

"All of a sudden I got really sick to my stomach and nauseous and I kind of squirmed in the chair," she said. "I texted my husband and said 'I don't feel good. I feel sick' and four minutes later he called and told me Sana'a had been run over." 

Christensen says Sana'a "was funny and sweet. He was as boy as you can get but still embraced his sister's girliness. He would have Barbies riding on his trucks. He loved dinosaurs and tigers."

Many of the people who have offered her condolences over the past few days had never met her son, but she says if he had had the chance to attend a few more community celebrations "every single person would have known who he was. We gave him a beautiful name because he was going to do great things." 

The RCMP say charges will not be laid against the driver and say there’s no evidence the driver was impaired or distracted. The Office of the Chief Coroner is now investigating the incident.

A funeral service for Sana'a will be held on Saturday. The time and location will be announced by Friday.​