Government officials will meet this week to consider a plan to put out a dump fire that's been fouling the air in Nunavut's capital for more than two months.

Iqaluit fire chief Luc Grandmaison says the city of Iqaluit just doesn't have the $2.2 million it would take to quench the blaze.

Smoke from the fire — which began on May 20 and has been dubbed the "dumpcano" — has occasionally closed schools and prompted health warnings.

The fire is smouldering deep within the massive pile of trash that is the Iqaluit city dump.

It's too deep to reach with hoses and too unstable to attack with backhoes.

A Vancouver-based consultant has proposed building a large pond walled by dirt and garbage and filled with seawater.

Excavators would take load after load of burning waste and dunk it in the pool to quench it.

The plan has been approved by Iqaluit city council.

Officials from the federal and Nunavut governments are to meet with the city on Friday.