The Government of the Northwest Territories is trying to get its own job appeal ruling overturned in court today in the case of an N.W.T. aboriginal man who says he was unfairly denied a chance at a job. 

Roland Beaulieu applied for a finance and administrative officer position with the Department of Transportation earlier this summer but the selection committee reviewing the resumes determined that he did not meet the requirements so he was passed over for an interview.

Beaulieu appealed that decision and the reviewing officer handling his appeal found the selection committee made an error. 

Beaulieu has a diploma in business administration and six years of accounting experience but the officer determined his work experience was not properly considered.

As an aboriginal man born and raised in Yellowknife, Beaulieu is a "priority one" under the government's own affirmative action policy.

The officer says he should have at least been considered for an interview.  

The territorial government disagrees and is now taking the matter to the supreme court. The matter is scheduled to be heard today in Yellowknife.

The government hasn't responded to requests for an interview.