Some people in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, say a poor response time by fire fighters led to the destruction of a home in the community last night.

Troy Beaulieu, who works with the Hamlet's Lands Department, says the fire started in a single family dwelling owned by the Nunavut Housing Corporation.

Beaulieu says many family members were living in the house at the time.


Troy Beaulieu, who works with Gjoa Haven's Lands Department, said the response time from fire fighters was very poor. (Google Maps)

"Apparently nobody could get through to the fire chief or anybody on the fire phone for almost half an hour, and by then the fire was totally engulfing the building. Fortunately, there was no reports of injuries or anything like that, everyone got out okay," he said.

Beaulieu says people had to run to the fire hall to sound the alarm.

He adds the hamlet has been getting a lot of complaints about the response time, and plans to review procedures to make sure the fire phone is in the proper hands. Beaulieu says the hamlet wants to make sure this situation doesn't happen again.