The rack on the moose shot by a Yukon hunter last fall has now been verified as a world record.

Giant moose

The moose shot by hunter Naef Heinz in Yukon last fall has been confirmed as a world record. (Photo courtesy Brian Naef)

Last month Heinz Naef of Dawson City and his fellow hunters had to travel more than 10,000 kilometres to Reno, Nev., to have the rack verified.

At the time the moose was harvested, the rack measured 191 centimetres. The moose itself was estimated to weigh 560 kilograms.

The rack had an official point score of 263 1/8. The previous record was 261 5/8.

it caused quite a stir at the border in Montana, Naef says.

"There was one border guard and he immediately went on the radio and said 'Come on guys, you've got to see this. You'll never see anything like this again.' All of a sudden there were 15 or 20 officers standing around just in awe."

Though there has been a lot of interest in purchasing the record rack, Naef says he isn't sure yet what he will do with it.