The power was out in various areas of Rankin Inlet Tuesday.

Tom Ng, the hamlet's senior administrative officer, says some businesses and organizations closed for the day, including the hamlet office, which lost its internet connection.

"We cannot access our email so that makes it pretty difficult to get a lot of work done," Ng said.

Qulliq Energy Corp. said several problems are to blame for power outages, starting with a mechanical failure of one of its generators at around 2 a.m. CT.

"At the same time we have one of the units down for scheduled maintenance waiting on a component to arrive from Winnipeg," said Andy Burns, the company's operations and maintenance manager.

Burns says Qulliq chartered a plane to bring in parts from another community.

It also flew in an electrician and other staff to help local crews with repairs.

He says full power was restored late in the afternoon, but the power utility will continue repairs on other generators to prevent problems in the future.