With just a one vote difference, Gameti, N.W.T., has a new chief in David Wedawin this morning.

Wedawin won the seat with 82 votes — winning by just one more than former chief Edward Chocolate.

Of the 188 eligible voters for the election for chief, 91 per cent turned up to the polls.

Behchoko community members re-elected Clifford Daniels as chief, who won 543 votes. The only other person in the race for chief was George Mackenzie, who got 309 votes.

In Wekweeti, Johnny Arrowmaker won with 31 votes, beating incumbent Charlie Football, who got 20 votes. Candidate Joseph Dryneck came in third with 15 votes.

Arrowmaker will take office in late July.

In Whati, incumbent chief Alphonz Nitsiza won with 128 votes, with 80 per cent voter turnout.

Monday was election day for all of the Tlicho communities.