Friends and co-workers held a vigil Wednesday night for 34-year-old Denis Chabot, who was killed Tuesday when he was hit by a vehicle at a Whitehorse tire shop.

Friends say Chabot was proud of his job at Integra Tire, worked hard and gave a lot of his time and energy to the company.

"He really enjoyed helping people and he could go miles out of his way to help someone and he was always available," said Julie Menard. "But also he was capable of asking for help from his friends."

Chabot's friends say he was also serious about safety and that it showed in his actions and the way he talked about work. They are shocked and angry that he was killed at work.

"I just feel like Denis’ death should be a reminder to all Yukoners that we truly need to come together so we can prevent people from having to be injured or die," said Ramesh Ferris.

"People should be able to go to work and return home to their friends and their families. No one should have to go to work in the Yukon and never come home."

The RCMP, the Yukon Coroner's Office and the Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board are still investigating the incident.

Chabot has family in Quebec but his friends say he was part of a closely-knit group in Whitehorse that celebrated special occasions and enjoyed the outdoors. His friends say it was important for him to have that connection.

"He could feel this brotherhood more effectively here, and he was part of it, too, because when we were with him we could be sure that he would help us," said Claude Gosselin. "At the same time we could feel that we were the most important person for him at that time."  

Chabot's friends say his family was touched to hear about the vigil and have decided to come to Whitehorse in early December to thank his friends and colleagues for what they've done. A memorial service will be held at that time.