Frank Elanik of Aklavik, N.W.T., has been sentenced to 60 days of house arrest for assaulting his wife May in August 2015.

May Elanik died in November after she was found injured and unconscious on a trail in the community. RCMP are investigating her death as a homicide. No charges have been laid in connection with her death.

Territorial Court Judge Garth Malakoe could have sentenced Frank Elanik to up to five years in jail for the assault but he said the fact that Elanik had pleaded guilty and accepted what happened contributed to his decision of a two-month sentence.

This was the third time that Frank Elanik had been convicted of assaulting his wife.

According to the facts read in court, on Aug. 8 the couple was drinking alcohol and got into an argument. Frank later confronted his wife. He pulled her hair and punched her four or five times. He also shook his wife and pushed her to the ground.

Photographs entered into evidence show May Elanik's forehead, cheek and teeth were all damaged in the assault.

In determining a sentence, the judge also considered Frank Elanik's statement that he's still grieving the death of his wife, and that he is a single father of five children, the youngest of whom is four years old.