Fort Smith, N.W.T., beat out Whitehorse in online votes yesterday to make the list of top 10 finalists in the Kraft Celebration Tour contest.

Fort Smith, with a population of about 2,500, racked up more than 250,000 votes in the match-up against the Yukon Curling Association in Whitehorse.


Volunteers in Fort Smith say they plan to put the $25,000 prize won in the Kraft Celebration Tour contest towards renovating the town's Centennial Arena, whicha was damaged by a fire May 13. (CBC)

The town will receive a $25,000 prize.

The plan is to put the cash towards renovating the Centennial Arena, which was damaged by a fire in May

Volunteer Pam Walsh said she clocked in many hours of voting to help Fort Smith win.

"I was there for 20 hours myself," she said.

"Many people were voting at home. I've heard stories people staying up all night voting, voting, voting. We had a Facebook page that I created and we had 6,600 members to that page and as people were talking about it, they were voting from all over the world.

In addition to the money, TSN SportsCentre will broadcast live from the community in August.

The contest awards communities across Canada with funds to benefit a local project or facility.