The community of Fort Smith now has access to a regular supply of wild meat and fish thanks to some government funding to buy freezers and stock them with traditional foods.

"This is a god-send for us," 72-year-old Louise Fraser says. She's referring to a cabin, full of freezers and stocked with buffalo meat and fish, that the community was able to build thanks to $55,000 from the territorial government.

It's giving the elders access to the types of foods they were raised on, but have gotten used to going without.

Fort Smith Metis Council President Ken Hudson said seven months ago he was approached by GNWT's Department of Heath and Social Services to come up with a program for elders that included country food.

'It's more an effort to supply meat to all the elders of the community," he said. "It went over big," Hudson said. "We just about gave away the whole buffalo that we cut and wrapped."

Although the program is offered by the Metis, Hudson says all elders in the vicinity can access the program, regardless of background.

"I hope it doesn't stop," Fraser said. "I hope it continutes because it's really a blessing for us. I'm telling you, I'm so grateful."