RCMP in Fort Liard, N.W.T., seized 42 bottles of liquor and 100 grams of marijuana in a recent checkstop.

Fort Liard restricts the amount of liquor a person can transport into the community to 40 ounces per week.

On March 12, RCMP officers stopped a vehicle at a checkstop just outside the community. There were two bottles of liquor in the passenger area and officers found 18 more bottles hidden near the spare tire.

The liquor was seized and the driver faces charges under the community’s liquor regulations.

Later the same evening, police stopped a second vehicle that also had two bottles of liquor in the passenger area. Officers found 24 bottles of liquor hidden near the spare tire along with about 100 grams of marijuana.

Police arrested three men. No charges have been laid and the investigation is ongoing.