Fort Good Hope, N.W.T. chief pushes for transitional home

The death of Charlotte Lafferty in March is pushing Chief Greg Laboucan to open a facility in the community that would help people transition home after spending time in addictions programs.

Up to 6 beds to be included in home that will help people returning from addictions programs

The chief of Fort Good Hope, N.W.T. is pushing forward with his plans to open a transitional home, after the death of a community member this past winter.

The transitional home would be a first for the community of almost 600, but Chief Greg Laboucan says it's needed.

"People were able to pick up as much liquor as possible and it really affected us this past winter," Laboucan said. 

A temporary liquor restriction was enforced after the violent death of Charlotte Lafferty in March.

But Laboucan knew that restriction wouldn't be enough to fix the ongoing addictions problems in the community. That's why he's pushing forward with plans to open a transitional home. 

"Putting a ban on alcohol all together is not the solution and we know that, but providing support for people who do want to abstain from alcohol, this would definitely work."

The transitional home would be for people returning to the community after completing addictions programs in the South. They would live there, with 24-hour support from three staff members.

The plan is offer up to six beds, which will come from the former elder's home that was vacated after a flood nine years ago. 

Laboucan says the project is in its initial stages  so far the territorial government hasn't offered any money. 

But Laboucan hopes the territory will help in other ways, like training the necessary staff.

He also hopes the home eventually offers addictions programs, which people in the community typically receive down South.