Former Yukon Commissioners recognized

Three former commissioners given new medal at Commissioner's Tea in Dawson over the weekend.

New medal unveiled for service to territory

Commissioner Doug Phillips with former commissioners (l-r) Geraldine Van Bibber, Jack Cable and Ken McKinnon. (Heather Avery photo.)

Pomp and ceremony were the order of the day again at the 38th annual Commissioner’s Tea in Dawson City over the weekend.

Three former Commissioners were honoured at the Saturday afternoon ceremony.

Current Commissioner Doug Phillips had a special Yukon pin designed to recognize their service.

"This is a commissioner commemorative pin and it was designed and handmade by Yukon goldsmiths David Ashley and Cheryl Rivest." Phillips explained.

New pin to recognize former commissioners' contributions to the Yukon. (Heather Avery photo.)

"At the centre of each piece is a Yukon emblem surrounded by a halo of 14 karat gold nuggets, inserted with gold nuggets from the Davidson Creek in the Yukon, mounted on sterling silver background with the office title and the dates of each Commissioner’s term."

Geraldine Van Bibber, Jack Cable and Ken McKinnon were presented with the pins.

Anglican priest also recognized

Local Anglican priest Ken Snyder was also recognized for decades of service to the goldrush community.

He was ordained at the Anglican Church in Dawson City 45 years ago.

Phillips presented him with a plaque.

"It says to the venerable Ken Snyder, may I extend to you my sincere congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of your 45th anniversary of ordination into the Anglican church." Phillips said.

Snyder has worked all over the North, including Cambridge Bay, Whitehorse, Inuvik and Keno City.

He officially retired in 1998 but has continued with his Klondike ministry since then.