Charlie Delorme

Yellowknife has been stunned by Charlie Delorme's donation spree. Today the homeless man presented the hospital with a cheque for $10,000.

A once-homeless man's generosity has again stunned the city of Yellowknife.

Earlier this month, Charles Delorme, known as Charlie, donated $2,000 to the Sidedoor Youth Centre in the Northwest Territories capital.

On Monday, he donated $10,000 to the Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation. He also donated $5,000 to Yellowknife's Salvation Army. 

Delorme, who is 64, has lived on the streets for nearly 40 years. He recently received a settlement from the federal government as compensation for years spent in residential schools.

Generous spririt

The settlement money has also allowed Delorme to find a place to live.  

The Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation says the donation will help the pediatrics unit and provide care for local children.

"It's a different donation," foundation spokesperson Rebecca Alty says. "We do receive donations from a lot of people [and] companies and … people don't think twice. But this a donation where [people think] 'Wow, that's really special, what can I do'?"​

That's exactly what some Yellowknife residents are thinking. A Facebook group called "Charlie's Angels" has been created, in the hopes of matching his original $2,000 donation.