Former Tag’s store worker glad about investigation

A former worker at Tag's convenience store in Whitehorse says he's glad the Yukon government is taking action.

But man says protection needed for current employees at service station

A former worker at Tag’s convenience store in Whitehorse says he's glad the Yukon government is taking action.

Following a CBC report, the minister of education ordered an immediate investigation into complaints made by foreign workers at the store.

The man worked for Pret Sidhu for just over a year. He said that during that time, he had to repay Sidhu money from his pay cheque.

He also paid for his airfare - something Sidhu had agreed to cover.

The man complained to the nominee program. He said officials there helped him find a new job at Subway.

 "I like it so much. It's a good boss, and the most important is, the respect of the boss, with us. I'm happy, so much happy,"

The man said Filipino people now working at the store need protection.

"They are afraid. Because of they have own family in the Philippines, they don't want to send them back in the Philippines so they are keeping their mouth shut to stay there," said the former worker.

Other Filipino workers agree that foreign workers are in a difficult spot if employers are abusive.

Arnold Apostle loves his job at Canadian Tire and has no complaints about his workplace. However, he said foreign workers feel vulnerable until they get their permanent residency.

"Let's admit the fact that the rights are just very minimum… I have no right to say no because I'm just a contract worker. Anytime I did something wrong, they are going to send me back home," said Apostle.

Yukon's education minister, Scott Kent, has promised that foreign workers will not be sent back home if they complain about working conditions or employers taking advantage of them.