A Behchoko, N.W.T., lawyer who ran in the last territorial election said she is launching a defamation suit against a family member of her opponent.

Bertha Rabesca Zoe ran in the Monfwi riding during the 2011 election. She said a cousin of her opponent, Education Minister Jackson Lafferty, defamed her during the campaign.

Zoe presented to a government committee on Wednesday. The committee was called to review the 2011 election.

Zoe told the committee members that she faced discrimination during the election because she is a woman.


Bertha Rabesca Zoe claims her challenger's cousin, Irene Nora Lafferty, discriminated against her during the 2011 territorial election. (CBC)

"People were calling supporters and saying ‘don't vote for her because she was a woman and that we can't have a woman running’," said Zoe.

Zoe said that was just the beginning.

"I filed a defamation suit about some of the damaging things that were said about me during the election. Corruption and words like that were being used."

Rabesca Zoe says she launched the suit against Irene Nora Lafferty.

Lafferty herself said she had only spoken about Rabesca Zoe among friends on Facebook. Lafferty added that she didn’t use Rabesca Zoe’s name.