A judge has acquitted Duncan Canvin of charges of sexual assault and sexual exploitation.

Canvin, a former Fort Simpson, N.W.T., mayor and Mountie, had been accused of sexual assault and sexual exploitation against two boys between 1992 and 1996. Canvin was an RCMP member in the community during that time.

Wednesday morning, the judge said some of the evidence was inadmissible because it was not believable. The judge suggested some of the witnesses may have discussed what they were going to say before they were set to testify.

Canvin's lawyer, Brian Beresh, said he's very pleased with the outcome.

"It was clear to me, and I think became clear to the prosecutor, that the evidence that he was relying upon simply wasn't there, didn't hold together when put under the scrutiny of a courtroom. It just wasn't there. So this is a great day for Mr. Canvin and he's very happy," said Beresh.