If you get a parking ticket in Whitehorse this week, there's no need to feel bad about it. The city's Food for Fines program is back, which means you can turn your parking ticket into a cash or food donation.

“It's a small thing that the city can do and it's nice to get the city on board recognizing there are people in the community that do need our help,” says deputy mayor Dave Stockdale.

The program is now in its seventh year and Stockdale says it's been a success from day one.

“The community just responded fantastically,” Stockdale says.

Parking tickets received between Dec. 6 and 13 are eligible this year.

Donations to the program are accepted at City Hall. Foods should be non-perishable such as canned food, pasta and cereal. The Whitehorse Food Bank also accepts donations of diapers, new toothbrushes, shampoo, soap and other items for personal hygiene. 

The city's donations go directly to the Whitehorse Food Bank and the Kaushee's Place women's centre.