Flooding causes evacuations in Ross River, Yukon

Four homes were evacuated when the Pelly River overflowed its banks Wednesday due to an ice jam.

Pelly River water level surged, then dropped again after ice jam gave way

Four homes in Ross River, Yukon, were evacuated Wednesday when the Pelly River flooded due to an ice jam.

The Pelly River overflowed its banks at Ross River, Yukon, Wednesday afternoon. This photo was taken at 4:30 p.m. (Government of Yukon)

RCMP helped families affected when the Pelly River suddenly started rising and eventually overflowed its banks.

"There were a number of people still in homes that were affected by the rising water," said Cpl. Ryan Hack with the Faro detachment, which was called in to help.

"We went to those people and assisted in ensuring they got to dry land before the water got too high and would have caused a real emergency there."

Hack said four homes were affected and 10 people had to be helped.

The ice let go soon after and the flood subsided.

Rock Creek flooding done for now

The flood at Rock Creek, Yukon, seems to be over, at least for now.

Emergency officials flew over the Klondike River again Thursday morning, after ice jams downstream of the community let go Wednesday night.

George Maratos, a communications officer with protective services, said the threat of rising water still exists.

"In total, water levels dropped by approximately four feet overnight. Currently water levels on the Klondike River are not rising upriver toward Rock Creek. However, there is this potential if this ice jam builds up again, that water levels could rise and localized flooding in the community could occur again," he said.

Besides high water on the Klondike, emergency officials are keeping an eye on the Old Crow and Liard regions where there is more snow pack than normal this year.