Flash flood warnings for southeast Yukon backcountry

The Yukon Government is warning people heading into the backcountry in southeast Yukon to watch out for flash floods on small creeks and streams as heavy rain is expected in the area.

Heavy rains could affect river crossing, streams

People planning to head into the backcountry in southeast Yukon are advised to watch out for possible flooding.

Yukon Wildland Fire Management says heavy rain is forecast for the region over the next few days, and that can mean creeks and streams rising fast.

"You can have things with people being caught on the far side, unprepared to get back across and get back home or people fishing,” says Wildland Fire Meteorologist Mike Smith. “It's not something we're worried about affecting infrastructure, roads or homes just really for people recreating and out on the land."

Smith says it’s all part of a low pressure system coming from northern B.C.

"Starting really today but especially overnight tonight, there'll be some fairly heavy showers in the Watson Lake area, heaviest amounts around populated areas will be around Watson Lake itself. We're looking to see 30 and 35 millimetres from today through Saturday morning. And then in the far southeast Yukon, we're looking at possibly in excess of 50 to 100 millimetres."

The manager of the Emergency Measures Organization, Michael Templeton, urges boaters and backpackers in southeast Yukon to use caution, even though the rains won’t be enough to affect larger bodies, like the Liard River.

“We're looking at something that might cause smaller streams to flash flood and if people are out in the backcountry or on some of the smaller trails it could affect crossings and that sort of thing.”

The Yukon Government's weather advisory is in effect today, tomorrow and Saturday.