Kluane Chief Mathieya Alatini (left) is shown alongside councillor Mary Jane Johnson.

A First Nation in Yukon has signed a unique agreement with a mining company.

The deal could lead to investment in local wind power.

Kluane Chief Mathieya Alatini said the deal with Teck Resources will bring economic development and lasting benefit to the community.

"We didn't just want money from Teck because everybody has their handout. They've contributed to our community fund and I'm hoping to tap into their expertise in alternative energy," she said.

Alatini said the First Nation is looking to see wind turbines installed to serve residents in Destruction Bay and Burwash Landing. Residents currently rely on diesel generation. 

The mining company's claims are in the White River area on lands shared by Kluane and the White River First Nation.

The agreement provides for employment and training opportunities for Kluane citizens and allows the First Nation input on Teck's environmental planning.

Teck Resources has branches which focus on the extraction of copper, coal and zinc.

Alatini said the deal is an example of development which "is beneficial both socially and economically to our membership."