Auditions are being held in Iqaluit this week for an independent movie that will be filmed both in Ontario and Iqaluit later this spring.

Ellen Hamilton, a co-producer on Two Lovers and A Bear, says the film will star Tatiana Maslany from the TV show Orphan Black and Dane DeHaan, a critically acclaimed up-and-comer. It has a budget of nearly $10 million.

The movie is about the love between a white man and a woman who is half-white, half-Inuk. It has magical elements such as a talking polar bear.

The film also touches on some of the painful parts of recent Inuit history. Roselynn Akulukjuk, the movie's third assistant director, says one scene set in an abandoned military base is particularly touching.

"It shows what Inuit went through, like pictures of Inuit going to residential schools or the dogs being killed," she says.

Director Kim Nguyen's previous film War Witch was nominated for an Academy Award for foreign-language film.

Auditions for film roles begin on Friday.