Felix Lockhart was elected chief of the Lutselk'e Dene First Nation on Thursday.

Lockhart won with 186 votes. The other candidate, Archie Catholique, got 69 votes. 

This was the second election for chief in the last two months. The first election, held on March 14, ended in a tie between Lockhart and Catholique. The First Nation's election code didn't say what to do in the event of a tie vote.

Lockhart says his first order of business as the new chief will be to improve the graduation rate, which he says is just a little over 30 per cent.

Lockhart says the community is surrounded by natural resources and he wants to make sure the young people are educated enough to benefit from potential economic opportunities.

"When you look at the statistics at what's going on in the community, it's dismal," he said.

"There's a lot of talk about how we can do things for ourselves, for our elders and our young people. Housing, education, economic development. Creating a healthy community." 

Lockhart has been chief before — he was first elected in 1982 — but he hasn't lived in the community for 11 years. He says he's moving back next month.

Voting for councillors takes place today. Eight candidates are vying for council seats.