Father Louis Fournier dies in Coral Harbour

Father Louis Fournier lived in Coral Harbour for 23 years and was in his 90s.
Father Louis in Repulse Bay with sister Mariana. (Lacombe - Oblate Fathers)

A well known priest in Nunavut has died. Father Louis Fournier lived in Coral Harbour for many years and was in his 90s.

Local elder Suzie Angootealuk told CBC that some construction workers found the priest breathing heavily by his door and brought him to the health centre where he passed away.

Angootealuk says the priest also lived in Repulse Bay and Igloolik. 
She says he moved to Winnipeg and then back to Coral Harbour.

Aggu MLA Paul Quassa said Fournier was a priest in Igloolik when he was growing up.

He said Fournier was "instrumental in getting the COOP movement started in Igloolik in the mid 60s and was very hard-working, very dedicated and outgoing." 

Quassa said Father Fournier was also responsible for the construction of many stone buildings including the old Igloolik church and was fluent in Inuktitut.  The priest brought his own father to live in Igloolik, where he later died and was buried, Quassa said. 

Quassa said Father Fournier always told residents he wanted to be buried next to his father.

The Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay has not yet announced where he will be buried or when his funeral will be held.


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