Family frustrated over inquest into Teresa Scheunert's death

Teresa Scheunert's sister says she's received no response to questions about the upcoming inquest that will examine why Scheunert died after receiving medical care at the hospital two years ago.

Teresa Scheunert's family says it's being kept out of the loop on plans for a coroner's inquest into her death.

Scheunert died two years ago after being treated in the Watson Lake hospital.

Her family has never been satisfied with the information it received. Scheunert's sister, Wanda Zimmerman, wants to know why she can't find out the facts surrounding her sister's death. 

"It has been nothing short of sheer frustration all along the way," she says.

Zimmerman says it's been nearly three weeks since she wrote requesting information about the upcoming inquest, but has heard nothing.

Special coroner Norm Leibel has been appointed to head the inquest. 

He says he hasn't been able to talk to Zimmerman before now because he's just started the job. Leibel says he will be contacting the family and making sure that any information received by him will be sent to the family as well. 

"I want to ensure that there is an open and full disclosure airing of the circumstances involved in these deaths," he says.

The inquest is set to start on the second of June and last for two weeks. 

It's also looking into the death of Mary Johnny, another woman who died after being treated at the Watson Lake hospital.