Two family dogs in Wrigley, N.W.T., got into a melee with a pack of wolves on Sunday and took one down before their owner scared the wolves off.

The pack showed up in Wes Pellissey's yard when he let his two dogs out.

Pellissey says his Staffordshire terrier began fighting the wolves, and his shepherd/husky cross defended the terrier.

The terrier pinned one small wolf before Pellissey was able to load and fire his gun to scare the pack away.

"The wolves have been seen quite frequently," he said. "But there's a lot of loose dogs in town and they've been picking them off lately and they're getting braver and more brazen. This is the most brazen attack that I've ever heard." 

Pellissey says he had to shoot the wolf his dog took down because it was so badly injured. 

Some residents say there's a wolf den near the airport, and the animals are seen crossing the road between the den and the community's dump.

Pellissey says he expects some people will set traps and snares in order to catch the pack.