A controversial apartment block in Whitehorse is set to be torn down, before it was ever finished.  

The building has been sitting abandoned since a court ordered the developer to halt construction, three years ago. A judge ruled the developer, Brian Little, had tricked and bullied homeowners in the adjacent Falcon Ridge condo complex, to push the new development forward.

Those condo owners later secured a lien against Little, arguing the half-finished building was an eyesore and a danger. They're now soliciting bids to tear it down.

"We need to make sure we take care of our owners, and that includes making sure there is grass for their kids to play on," said Helen Booth, president of the board that represents about 88 condo owners.

"I mean, it's a safety hazard," she said.

Booth said a $400,000 court award, against the developer, will pay for part of the work required, but condo residents will have to fund the rest. That includes building a retaining wall to prevent Falcon Drive from collapsing into nearby homes.

Booth expects the work to be done by summer.