The Speaker of the Northwest Territories legislature ruled this afternoon that M-L-A Robert Hawkins didn't violate protocol when he posted comments on his Facebook page about a previous ruling against him.

The post was made during the afternoon when the house was sitting, but Jackie Jacobson ruled he had no way of knowing if Hawkins published the post while in his officer or the chamber.

The speaker says he still accepts Hawkins' apology.

But Jacobson said that comments made about one of his rulings put M-L-As on thin ice.

He also also says too much time has been wasted on decorum lately. And says the point of the assembly is not to entertain the public. 

On Monday, Oct. 28, Jacobson ruled that Hawkins used insulting, abusive and disrespectful language when questioning then-Health Minister Tom Beaulieau the previous week. 

Hawkins apologized for the remarks, but only after being asked to do so three times.