Bill Prodromidis

Bill Prodromidis says he only learned of the $2 million deficit when he was elected mayor seven months ago.

The former mayor of Fort McPherson, N.W.T. says he’s not responsible for the hamlet’s financial woes.

The Northwest Territories government placed the hamlet under administrative management on July 22. That means the mayor and council no longer have power to oversee the day-to-day running of the town.

Bill Prodromidis says he only got into office about seven months ago. That's when he found out about the $2 million deficit.

He says he wanted to work with the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs to solve the hamlet's issues, but that was before the territory made its announcement.

"And these guys are going to administrate the community?" he asks. "I don't believe those things. It's ridiculous. Plus: the community, they don't have anybody to complain to. They don't have anybody to represent the community and the hamlet. I have elders phoning me here, I have people phoning me here. They have a complaint, they have a concern, they have ideas... Who are you going to talk to?"

Prodromidis says he's been asking questions about where the money went.

He says he hasn't received any answers from hamlet staff.

He also says he's been co-operating with the RCMP and their investigation.