The National Energy Board has ordered Husky Energy to halt operations at its Slater River oil exploration camp in the Northwest Territories for safety reasons.

The order indicates Husky failed to ensure the safety of its personnel and used unsafe equipment and procedures, including failing to report a worker's injury on time. 

It also says the company violated the Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act.

"The board holds companies accountable for their performance and the effectiveness of their management systems," said Brian Nesbitt, chief safety officer with the NEB.

"So when we encounter situations like this we expect them to use it as an opportunity for improvement."

In a written statement, Husky Energy said it is taking the matter seriously and will be working with the NEB.

Husky said it had suspended all its operations in the Slater River area to conduct a thorough safety review.

The NEB said if Husky does not comply with the order, the company could face charges that could lead to fines and jail time.