A Hay River egg producer is helping schools in the territory make a few omelettes.

Polar Egg is supplying breakfast programs at Yellowknife schools with fresh eggs.

Manager Kevin Wallington said the company is currently donating around eight cases of 15 dozen eggs per month. He hopes to increase that to 10 or 12 cases per month soon.

"We're going to continue looking at moving that number up and make sure everybody is getting enough for their programs," he said.

Wallington said Polar Egg is offering the donations, in part, because his company received government funding to upgrade its grading facility in Hay River. He said Yellowknife consumers have also been eager buyers of northern eggs.

"I think it's really easy for us to wash our hands and say it's someone else's responsibility," he said.

Polar Egg started producing eggs for the local market in 2012 and now exports around 30 million eggs outside the territory every year, Wallington said.