A man accused of murdering two people in Edmonton was frequently in trouble with the law when he lived in the N.W.T. and was becoming increasingly violent.

Edmonton police have charged Melvin Simon John Mitchell, 23, in relation to two murders which happened in less than one week. He is accused of beating a 51-year-old man to death in a park on May 30, and of stabbing a 68-year-old man, who was found dead in his apartment four days later.

Mitchell was born in Yellowknife but spent part of his life in Fort Smith.


Melvin Mitchell, 23, was born in Yellowknife but spent most of his life in Fort Smith. He was on probation after serving two years in jail when the murders happened in Edmonton. (Facebook)

Two years ago, a probation officer warned that Mitchell's behavior was becoming more violent and he showed little remorse for the harm he caused others.

The warning came in a report prepared for a judge who was sentencing him for brutally beating a Fort Smith man who was left blind in one eye.

Mitchell was sentenced to two years in jail. He was on probation for that crime when the two Edmonton men were murdered.

Mitchell's criminal record also includes convictions for assault and sexual assault. He also has convictions for non-violent offences he committed when drunk.

His next court appearance on the murder charges is scheduled for July 11.