This story has been substantially corrected.

A Canadian North plane was forced to alter its flight plan because of two women who were reportedly drunk and unruly.

The incident occurred during a March 13 flight from Yellowknife to Cambridge Bay.

Scott Weatherall is with Canadian North.

He says a male flight attendant was accosted and bruised on the flight. He hasn’t returned to work since.

When the flight arrived in Kugluktuk, RCMP were waiting at the gate.

They took both women into custody. One was released and the other may be facing charges.

The flight then headed back to Yellowknife to pick up an extra crew member and continue on to Cambridge Bay.

The crew believes the women snuck bottles of alcohol aboard and were drinking in the washrooms.

Weatherall said it costs about $20,000 to send the plane back to Yellowknife, and it delayed passengers by about four hours.


  • The Canadian North flight was not forced to turn around mid-flight, and two women were not charged with mischief. Incorrect information was provided to the CBC. Other corrections have also been made.
    Mar 19, 2014 1:26 PM CT