Charges have been dropped against all of the British Columbia people charged with drug trafficking after a raid in Yellowknife five months ago, but recently released court documents show the raid was targeting B.C. gang members.

On Tuesday, two drug trafficking charges were dropped against Christopher Davies of Langley, B.C.

The crown lawyer handling the case says there's no longer a reasonable chance of getting a conviction.

Charges against two other Langley people, Kody Gold and Irene Lahay, were stayed earlier.

The only person still facing charges as a result of the raid is Yellowknife resident Steven Ormrod.

He's facing two drug trafficking charges and numerous firearms charges.

Ormrod and the B.C. trio were found in the Kam Lake house police raided in October.

Police also found more than $10,000 in cash, 350 grams of cocaine, half a kilogram of marijuana and many guns in the house.

In sworn statements used to get the search warrant, police gave summaries of conversations they had with no fewer than 11 confidential informants.

The informants talked about the B.C. group taking over the Yellowknife cocaine trade, their gang connections and gave phone numbers being used for dial-a-drug operations.

But the standard of proof for convictions is much higher than it is for search warrants.

No date has been set yet for Ormrod's next court appearance.