Donations down at Yellowknife Salvation Army

A drop in corporate donations means the Salvation Army in Yellowknife may not be able to meet the growing demand for Christmas hampers.

Organizers at the Salvation Army in Yellowknife are worried they won't get enough food to meet this year's high demand for Christmas hampers, and they may have to cut back the amount of food they give to those who do receive them.

Donations are down this year, largely because so far, corporations haven't been as generous as in previous years.

“Unfortunately our sponsorship is very low, so our donation drive is very low this year,” says Stacey Van Metre, the group’s community coordinator. “It gets us worried, obviously.”

Last year, the Salvation Army gave out about 550 Christmas hampers to families in Yellowknife and 11 other communities.

This year, there are even more families across the territory that need hampers. Organizers remain hopeful that they’ll be able to meet the demand.

“The hampers that we have, I can say from past experience, are very, very generous — much more so than I've seen in other Salvation Army settings,” says Ian Gillingham, executive director of community services. “And I think that's probably because of the generosity of this community in the past. So we're appealing to people to meet that measure that we've had in the past.”

Sponsors have until December 16 to donate.


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