Donald Gamble's spouse testifies in Colin Makpah trial

The trial of Colin Makpah, the 29-year-old Rankin Inlet man charged with manslaughter in the August 2010 death of Donald Gamble, continued this morning with testimony from the deceased man’s common-law spouse.

The trial of Colin Makpah continued into its second day in Iqaluit this morning with testimony from Donald Gamble’s common-law spouse.

Makpah, 29, from Rankin Inlet, is on trial for manslaughter in the case of Gamble's August 2010 death.

Makpah has pleaded not guilty.

Cheryl Outchikat is the Crown’s second witness in the case.This morning, she said the last time she saw Gamble, she thought he was just passed out.

In August 2010, Outchikat was 19 years old. She and Gamble had been a couple for several years and had a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

After an argument on the night in question, Outchikat said Gamble hit her on the face with a rolled-up magazine.

She said this gave her a cut around her lip.

Makpah and Abraham Nakoolak stepped in and told Gamble to stop.

Outchikat described what happened next as a drunken fight, with pushing, shoving and yelling. She said she thinks it was about drugs and money.

Outchikat and her daughter were in and out of the house during the fight.

At one point, Outchikat said she tried to stop the fight and hit Gamble and Makpah once each on the head with an empty vodka bottle.

Outchikat said the commotion ended and everything got quiet.

Later, she went downstairs and found blood.

She cleaned it up and found a knife.

After that, she said she went out and saw Gamble on the steps. She took a picture on a phone to show him how drunk he had been, but he never woke up.

The trial will continue tomorrow.