Doctors with the Canadian Medical Association are calling for more research into the health effects of resource extraction projects such as the Alberta oilsands.

The motions didn't pass without debate — some doctors felt Alberta's oil industry was being singled out. But Dr. Ewan Affleck from Yellowknife said people along the Mackenzie River are concerned specifically about that development.

"The reason we raised the issue about the oilsands is very directly, the effluent, or the outflow, from the oilsands comes right into the N.W.T. and through communities where we provide care," he said.

Affleck said many of his patients ask him about the health effects of that run-off but he needs more evidence to answer their concerns.

He pushed for a motion that calls for a comprehensive, peer-reviewed study into the long-term effects of development on the environment and health. Another motion calls for the government to make that kind of data public.

Doctors will use the motions to advocate on behalf of their patients.