Charges against a Hay River construction firm for allegedly discharging diesel into Wood Buffalo National Park have been dropped. 

Parks Canada withdrew charges against Rowe's Construction on Tuesday, a day after the trial had begun.

It had been alleged that last June, Rowe's Construction unlawfully deposited diesel fuel in a gravel pit in Wood Buffalo National Park, near Fort Smith.

The court file says reasonable measures were not taken to prevent environmental damage or harm to human health.

But the charge was withdrawn Tuesday.

"Rowe’s Construction is most pleased with the withdrawal of the charge that had been laid against it. The company had prepared for over one-year for this trial, and was looking forward to establishing its innocence," Rowe's lawyer Brian Beresh said in a release.

"Justice was finally done," Beresh said. "This case illustrated how a false allegation … should have initially been subjected to far greater scrutiny. Rowe’s Construction will be considering its legal options in relation to this initial complaint."