Devolution to be signed in Inuvik

After years of discussion, the NWT is signing an agreement to transfer certain powers from the federal government

NWT takes some responsibilities from federal government

It's been a long process of negotiation for NWT Premier Bob McLeod (centre) here shown in Aklavik in 2012. (Philippe Morin/CBC)
It's been called a historic agreement for N.W.T. and on June 25 the final devolution agreement will be signed in Inuvik.

Premier Bob McLeod, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Bernard Valcourt and Aboriginal government signatories are set to appear.  

The community of Inuvik has many significant links to devolution - the agreement to transfer certain federal responsibilities to the territory.

It's the birthplace of former NWT premier Floyd Roland who launched the process to sign the agreement-in-principle. Today Roland is the mayor of Inuvik.

The town is the headquarters of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation which was the first N.W.T. self-governing entity to endorse devolution and has supported the idea from the beginning. 

Inuvik is also home to the Gwich'in Tribal Council which last year had a controversial reversal of policy as new leadership cancelled the threat of a court challenge against devolution and signed on to negotiate.

Inuvik is also surrounded by massive deposits of natural gas. Under this agreement those resources could provide the NWT with royalties if extracted.

The signing ceremony happens June 25 at the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex at 6 p.m.

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