Deline, N.W.T., says yes to self-government

About 64 per cent of eligible voters voted in favour of Deline's community-based self government agreement.

64% of eligible voting members voted in favour of self-government agreement

Deline's chief negotiator Danny Gaudet hugs a community member after the results of the self-government vote were announced. (courtesy of Roxane Poulin)

Deline, N.W.T. has said yes to self-government, as community members voted in favour of the territory's first community-based self-government agreement.

Of the 696 people eligible to vote, 449 people, or 64 per cent, voted in favour of the agreement. A total of 527 eligible members participated in the vote.

The community celebrated the victory Wednesday with a feast at the local arena.

N.W.T. Premier Bob McLeod said Wednesday in the legislature that if there were a yes vote then the final agreement could be signed by this summer.

It will then be up to the new DelineGotine Government to decide when it can begin to take on its powers over items such as health care, justice and adoption​.