Dehcho Assembly names new Grand Chief

The Dehcho Assembly has elected Herb Norwegian as new Grand Chief.

Herb Norwegian beats Gerry Antoine and incumbent Sam Gargan

The Deh Cho Assembly has elected Herb Norwegian as new Grand Chief. (CBC)

The Dehcho assembly has chosen a new Grand Chief.

Herb Norwegian won the most votes in the second round of voting Tuesday afternoon.

He was running against Sam Gargan and Gerry Antoine.

All three men have held the position of Grand Chief in the past.

Norwegian was ousted from the position in 2008 after pleading guilty to assaulting a woman.

Antoine was a last minute entry onto the ballot on Tuesday. His application to run had been rejected because he didn't have his criminal record check completed.

Antoine appealed to the assembly saying it was taking longer than expected and he was allowed to run.

Gargan received the least amount of votes in the first round and was eliminated.

Norwegian and Antoine ran in the second ballot with Norwegian taking the most votes.

Assault issue didn't come up during campaign, says Norwegian

When Norwegian pleaded guilty to assault in 2008, he was replaced on an interim basis by Antoine. At the time, the Dehcho First Nations passed a resolution saying that it was inappropriate for someone with a criminal record to run for Grand Chief.

Norwegian said the incident didn't come up during this campaign.

"These kinds of things have happened to everyone. I mean, every aboriginal person in the country and I imagine other people also face these kinds of issues. And a lot of them – they’re dealt with in a very serious manner, which they should be. And you need to move on with your life," he said.

Norwegian said he hopes to get the Dehcho Process moving again, which he said has slowed down over the past year. The process is the First Nation's negotiations with the federal government on the group's land claim.