Whitehorse jurors in the Christina Asp murder trial have now heard all the evidence, after the defence wrapped up its case early Tuesday.

Asp is accused of first-degree murder for her role in the death of Gordon Seybold in 2008.


This photo of Norman Larue and Christina Asp is among photos police seized from Asp's camera shortly after her arrest in 2008. (exhibit of the Yukon Supreme Court)

Asp testified she lied to impress her new crime family friends when she confessed her role in killing Seybold. Those friends were actually undercover police, posing as a high powered crime family.

She said she was "telling the truth at times, lying at others" because she "wanted to fit in."

Confronted about her tape-recorded confessions, Asp responded, "Things just popped into my head and I said stuff."

"Now I don't remember," she replied when asked details of the fight that killed Seybold.

Asp testified she didn't want to lose the great job she thought she had with the fake crime family. "I wanted what they had," she told the jury.

Asked why she admitted anything to the undercover team, Asp responded, "I'm not a criminal. I don't know that kind of stuff."

Jurors will hear the final submissions from the Crown and the defence Thursday. They were told they'll get final instructions from the judge next week before beginning their deliberations.