The Nunavut Impact Review Board will release its final decision on Baffinland's Mary River project on Friday.

The company is proposing a major iron ore mine near Pond Inlet.

The board’s final report was expected earlier this week, but it announced Wednesday it needed a couple of extra days.

"I don't think anyone should read too terribly much into it," said Greg Missal, a spokesperson for Baffinland. "It's a big undertaking for NIRB to pull together a report like that, and the fact that they've been forward with everyone is important. We'll wait and see what Friday brings."

NIRB members and officials would not explain why the report was delayed.

The document will be based on what the board heard during its final hearings into the project in July. It will include a recommendation on whether the mega-project should go ahead, and under what terms and conditions.

The report then goes to the federal minister of Northern Development for final approval.