Shanti Morrison was checking the mail at her Carcross Road mailboxes when she noticed a discarded sack in the snow.

She assumed it was garbage. What she found was 2 dead puppies.

"I actually didn't believe my own eyes I had to get my boyfriend to come look at it because I couldn't look again. I cried and cried and cried.It was horrible to experience."

Morrison called city bylaw officers who called RCMP, who eventually sent an officer to retrieve the sack.

She's still puzzled at what motivated the act.

"Any normal person would have gave them a proper burial or taken them somewhere, but, I mean you don't just leave your dead puppies at someone's mailbox. It was just horrifying.”

Whitehorse RCMP say they've disposed of the evidence, and there's nothing more they can do about an animal abuse complaint.

They say there’s no way of telling when or how the puppies were discarded, and their file on the incident is closed.