The Dead North short horror film competition has grown in its second year, with 11 teams from North of 60 competing this month to see who can make the scariest Northern movie.

"The North is a beautiful place to live, but there's something sinister about the North," says Jay Bulckaert.

"I mean it's the cold, it's the darkness and I think it lends itself really well to the horror genre. I haven't seen that many Arctic horror movies."

Bulckaert and Pablo Saravanja of Yellowknife's Artless Collective started the Dead North competition last year, but this year they're handing off the judging to others, so they can compete. 

"For me, it's just fun to get out there and figure out how to cut someone's arm off or make them look dead," said Bulckaert.

Last year there were four entries. This year there are 11 teams, including entries from Yukon, as well as Inuvik and Hay River.

The Hay River team faced a Northern challenge early on in their production.

"I had to write an entirely new script because it was too cold to be filming an exterior right now because the temperature dropped so much in the last few days," said Daniel Harrington.

The winner in each category gets bragging rights and a trophy of a red-eyed polar bear, dubbed a Zombear.

The films will be screened March 5 at the Snow Castle in Yellowknife.