The town of Hay River is giving an animal rights activist until the end of the month to deal with a stray dog before the town says it will take matters into its own hands.

The dog, Loki, is well-known around Hay River. Part wolf, Loki is big and black and has been roaming the town for the last three years. 

"They don't see his gentle ways, they just see a big black strange dog that looks intimidating," says local resident Bonnie Dawson, who's willing to take Loki home as a pet.

But the mayor says the town has been getting a lot of complaints about Loki.

"The best case scenario is that this dog is caught, captured delivered to Bonnie and is able to reside with Bonnie," Andrew Cassidy says.

Dawson has tried a number of times to catch the dog. She says she now has an offer from a man in Montreal to pay the full cost of tranquilizing and capturing Loki.  

The town says it wants Dawson to get the dog off the streets by the end of September. If that doesn't happen, the town has said it will act. The mayor says it will only consider euthanization as a last resort.